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Welcome to the homepage of ProTac. We are a Northern Virginia based company comprised of professional law enforcement individuals who are dedicated to providing the utmost services to our clientele. These services include a variety of specialized law enforcement and tactical training and workplace preparedness planning to include management and employee training.

ProTac leads the way in training police and security forces that are first responders to “Active Shooter” incidents in the workplace, schools, college campuses and military installations. This training enables first responders to effectively isolate and end an active situation in an expeditious manner, thus saving lives. ProTac’s founder, Bryant Arrington, developed the REACT system to effectively respond to an active situation and it is currently utilized by more than a dozen private, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Our team of experts tailors the REACT Training Course to meet each customer’s specific needs. The REACT Training Course is Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services approved.

ProTac also provides customized workplace preparedness planning for active situations where lives are at risk. This comprehensive planning is done on a specific customer basis and prepares the workplace entity to deal with an active situation. To accomplish workplace preparedness ProTac utilizes a variety of methods that are specific to each customer’s needs and may include tactical site surveys, policy reviews, tabletop training exercises and training to prepare employees and managers for an incident.

ProTac also provides a variety of law enforcement training at different skill levels to include firearms, patrol techniques, officer survival and tactical operations. Training courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements of each customer.

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